Lotus International is committed to creating responsible global citizens and brilliant leaders of tomorrow by laying a superior foundation through quality early childhood education.
LIS-Dnn prides itself on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual development of its students. It is our constant endeavor to shape well-rounded personalities that will contribute positively to the world around them.



Lotus International will :
• Encouraging children to become passionate, lifelong learners and confident        global citizens.
• Developing a research-based curriculum focused on pedagogical integrity .
• Develop every student into a balanced individual with leadership qualities,           capable of responding to the demands of the modern era with commitment         to personal growth and community development. 
• Provide high quality facilities and education in a disciplined and stimulating       learning environment, with strong Indian ethos.



Timeless Teachings in a Changing World


We are living in a fast, changing and competitive world where everything changes according to the circumstances but in our school the motto of the education remains the same. In our school physical and spiritual education is given to the students to make the better citizens for the tomorrow. Physical education is given to the students in such a way that they should believe in the dignity of manua-labour and forspiritual education the students are trained with the help of religious scriptures,famous sayings of the saints and by the example of famous personalities,so that they should remain down to the earth.



                                          In the changing world they are taught how to think,not what to think in order to remain fix to the roots of truth , love, understanding , benevolent,nature,sympathetic feelings like tolerance, patience and all positive thoughts and deeds.


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